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We'd like to make it clear to you, our players, that we want to provide you with the best gaming experience we possibly can. As the beating heart of our community, it's crucial that we are able to build a prosperous, positive game in which you can thrive.

Promote Positive Communication

Let's face it, a community where ideas flow and communication is positive is beneficial to everyone. We each have our own perspectives and opinions, and all are equally valuable - so please make sure you keep an open mind and respect the opinions of others. We don't love bickering, we do love your suggestions.

Be Social

Ace of Arenas is a team game - having chemistry with your teammates is crucial if you want to be successful. If you loved playing with a particular player, make sure to send them a friend request at the end of the game. The more friends you have, the greater your chances of achieving a higher rank. Also, Ace of Arenas is a fantastic way for you to bond with your friends in real life; planning out strategy and being able to talk face to face will give you a massive advantage over the enemy team.

Work as a Team

As we said, Ace of Arenas is a team game. You cannot win the game alone (unless you're playing 1v1, of course!). Everybody wants to be the champion getting all the kills, but the best players know what their team is missing and choose their champion accordingly. If your team is missing a tank, try to pick one. Somebody has already chosen a tank? Go for a mage! When you do this, not only will you be helping your team, you'll also improve your own skills by pushing your boundaries. Work closely with your teammates in game, making sure to ping the map and keep communication open and frequent. Communication is key to victory.

Most importantly, do not abandon your game. Your team needs you, and leaving a game mid-play is unfair and frustrating for teammates. This is a competitive game, and losing is sometimes a part of that. If you stick with your team and fight your hardest, you may be able to turn the tide! Even if you are losing the game, don't be that player!

Be Patient

Nobody is perfect, we're all constantly improving. Be patient with yourself and don't give up just because you've lost a few games. We've all been there - take your time, enjoy the game, try out new champions and strategies to see what fits your playing style. Whether you win or lose a game, you can always learn something and perfect your technique for the next battle. With time and patience you will improve and become a better player.

Also , be patient with others. Try not to get frustrated at players who cost your team the game, or people asking simple questions on the forum. We've all been new to a game once. If you can, offer your help and make yourself a role model that other players look up to. As well as helping players improve, you'll gain their respect and friendship.