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Game Basics

New to Ace of Arenas? This tutorial will get you started on your way to dominate your opponents on the battlefield. We’ll start by familiarizing you with the basic mechanics.

There are all kinds of champions in the game, ranging from brutal warriors to powerful mages. You control one champion during each fight...

Basics of the game
Basics of the game
Bashing the Bot

You’re almost ready to fight against real players. But why not try some Bot battles first so you can hone your skills and get a better understanding of the game? It’s fun and you have nothing to lose.

You’re pitted with one Bot in this map, which features only one lane. Cores are at the end of the lane and protected by one turret...

A Taste of Real PvP

It’s almost impossible to make MOBA games playable and fun on mobile platforms, but through our unique control set, graphics, and number of in game items we’ve managed to make the impossible possible. No matter whether you have 10 minutes, 20 minutes or even a half an hour, Ace of Arenas has the right battle for you...

Basics of the game
Basics of the game
And So It Begins…

Last but not least, this section provides you with all sorts of useful information you’ll need in your next journey, and we’ll start by getting you socialized.

Ace of Arenas is even better when you play with your friends. You can manage your Friend List by clicking the icon located at bottom left of the home screen...